Interface PalletFactory

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public interface PalletFactory

PalletFactory.class is an interface and used for defining pallets. Pallets should but are not limited to the the maximum possible colors of a specific display adaptor without exceeding 256 colors. exceeding this limit may cause undisired effects as orperated within the kernal rely on using a pallet which has been defined and limits use to original dimensions. This is because the Hêbê project is designed to emulate classical games which usualy operated on a fixed pallet.
Note pallets should be resticted to arrays of 2,4,16,64,256 colors.

Benjamin Tarrant

Method Summary
 void createPallet(RGB[] pal)
          createPallet to allow user to define a pallet.

Method Detail


void createPallet(RGB[] pal)
createPallet to allow user to define a pallet. This pallet will be defined by size and checked by the Video Adapter befor initialization of the Graphics object.

pal - array pre determinied to be defined.